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The College has an impressive list of alumni and has been closely associated with them over the years. The college has a network of connectivity with students who have passed out and is in process of registering its Alumni Association which already has 102 members enrolled, the details of which were worked out in a hugely successful alumni meet organized on 10/01/2020. The meet witnessed alumni’s from Hamidia’s 1946 (Ist Batch) in attendance. New registration drives and feedback forms were distributed at this event. 68 alumni joined and committed themselves towards future endeavors undertaken by the college. It was unanimously decided to register the association as a firm and society to give it a formal and organized structure. Active and enthusiastic new members are to be included in this body. Relevant documents for registering the body have been collected and by-laws have been prepared.

 Prior to these events, alumni committee of the college in a meet on 02/01/2020 decided to initiate a mass drive to reconnect with alumni spread all across the country via social media platforms.

Since the year 2017 alumni meets are being organized and the college has been taking steps towards formalizing this equation between past and present generations of Hamidia. Also attempts are being made to institutionalize and channel these resources for welfare and benefit of present and future Hamidians.

Outstanding alumni of the college, be it in the field of politics, business, literature, law, journalism, sports, culture, arts etc. attempts are being made to use their knowledge and expertise for lectures, guidance, policy making, financial assistance, other contributions and support services for welfare and development of the college and students. In accordance a meritorious scholarship has been sponsored in the name of former alumni Mr. O.N. Shrivastava. Another noteworthy contribution has been a donation of rupees 2 lakhs worth  generator purchased for the college by Shri Ramesh Agrawal (late owner Dainik Bhaskar Group) alumni for college and contributions like wheelchairs for specially abled students have further strengthened the bond.

Alumni’s have also closely been associated with the policy making process of the college as such 2 alumni’s are represented as an integral member in the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and their valuable suggestions and advises for the betterment of the college have been enforced as and when they have been made. Alumni’s of the college have also been regularly registering their presence during various activities such as sports and cultural celebrations, lectures, workshops, conferences and seminars etc. Their valuable suggestions and feedback have immensely helped in contributing to the development and progress of the college.

To sum up, alumni have been actively interacting and contributing towards the institution and its students. The institution intends to further formalize this association by registering its alumni association in this session itself to take this cooperative equation further for the betterment of the institution in the long run.