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1. Village survey Mandori, Bhopal, M.P.

2. Excursion tour to Bhim Betka Raisen

3. National Seminar On Bhartiya Gyan parampara

4. Seminar on

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6. Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan and Nasha Mukti Abhiyan) Awareness Rally, Nukkad Natak, Human Chain Shapath.pdf exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

7. International Youth Day, Prevantion of HIV AIDS (Rally & Seminar)

8. Gandhi Jayanti Samagra Swachchta Abhiyan- Slogan Competition

9. Voters Awareness Programme (SVEEP and Voters ID Camp) & Nasha Mukti Nukkad Natak

10. World Aids Day Celebrated (Human Chain formed. Awareness Rally from College to Bhoipura Basti Nukkad Natak and Quiz Organized

11. National Youth Day Celebrated (HIV Aids Awareness Rally) Debate Competition and Quiz

12. Child Protection and Gender Equality Lecture

13. CM Ankur Abhiyan and Plantation Programme.pdf exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

14. Disaster management Training Bhopal

15. Women Empowerment. Base line survey training programme organized

16. World No Tobacco Day (Awareness Rally and Nukkad Natak in God Basti Bhoi Pura)

17. Environment Awareness Drive on World Sparrow Day.pdf exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

18. World Bicycle Day (Awareness Rally and Lectures on Importance of Bicycle)

19. International Yoga Day Celebrated with the theme Yoga for Humanity

20. AIDS Awaremess Programme

21. Celebration of World Mountain Day

22. Celebration of World Ozone Day

23. Plantation Awareness Drive

24. Women Empowerment Drive (Poster Making)

25. Quiz Competition on environment Awareness

26. Guest Lecture on Saving Energy

27. Guest Lecture on Water Conservation

28. Writing on Liquid Waste Management

29. Discourse on Travel Literature

30. Quiz on General Knowledge

31. Visit to Ecological Park

32. Lecture Organized on the Topic Children, Youth and Old age releted issues


34. Lecture on Youth Employment Programme

35. Collage making competition on the topic Bharat ke etihasik kalon me Nirmit Chitron me prakriti chitran v prakriti sarankshan

36. Educational Tour to Trival Musium and Tajul Masjid Library

37. Guest Lecture on the topic Premchand ke afsano ka aks mojuda daur me

38. Visit to old age home anand dham

39. Visit to Gandhi Medical College

40. Visit to Aatman Counselling Center

41. Session Yoga & Mental Peace

42. Group Discussion on Role of Nature in Mental Wellbeing

43. Extempore Speech on the topic Prominent Social Problems

44. Nukkad Natak on the topic Problems due to increasing population

45. Slogan Competition on Environment Protection

46. Poster Competition on Understanding Tribal Life

47. Essay Competition on the topic the causes of increasing crime in society & measures to control them

48. Guest Lecture on the topic Field Project work Making under NEP

49. Educational Tour to Manav Sangrhalaya and Tribal Museum

50. Guest Lecture on the topic Relevance of Sociology in Life

51. Programme Celebrating Mental Health Day titled Bhartiya Sanskriti me Manviya Mulyon ke Uthan evm Mansik Swasthya main Jagrukta

52. Workshop organized on the topic Psycho physical solutions to modern diseases

53. Village visit to Chhavni Pathar

54. Special Lecture on the topic Sustainable development & eco system

55. 15 Days Judo Training Camp

56. 15 Days Karate Training Camp

57. 15 Days Karate Training Camp

58. 15 Days Judo Training Camp

59. National Sports Day organized

60. Yoga Training Camp Organized

61. Excursion tour to Sanchi, Udaigiri and the pillar of heliodorus

62. Lecture on the topic Environmental Tourism

63. Lecture on the topic Indian Literature Environmental Thoughts

64. World Environment Day

65. Division Level Judo Competition

66. Cleanliness awareness drive on World Environment Day

67. One day workshop on ill effects of single use plastic and fire crackers

68. Lecture on the topic Solar energy.pdf exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

69. Collage making competition on the topic Water Conservation

71. Lecture on the topic Gender equality in daily life

72. Lecture on the topic Literature and Life-Culture

73. Educational visit to Sanchi Stupa

74. Presentation on Veer Bal Diwas

75. Plantation Drive to spread awareness about nature conservation

76. Understanding the philosophy of Budhism with a visit to Sanchi Stupa

70. State level athletics competiton.pdf exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.