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Milestone (Sub-goal) 3


Activities required to achieve these milestones

S.No.DescriptionEstimated CostStart DateEnd Date

Faculty Development



Orientation of all teaching and non teaching Staff

Training for writing research papers to staff and students.

Presentation of keynote addresses and research papers in various knowledge centers.

2Workshops on Research Methodology will be organized. 01/04/201831/03/2019
3ICT training for teachers 01/04/201931/03/2020
4Organizing interdisciplinary workshop and trainings. 01/04/201931/03/2020
5Computer Training and Accountancy for Non teaching staff 01/04/201931/03/2020
6The above mentioned activities will be organized continuously in further sessions. 01/04/202031/03/2023


Resources required for the
above activities
Resources available for the
above activities
Resource Gap

Persons responsible for conducting each activity

Dr.AlpanaTrivedi – Prof. of Geography

Dr.Pradeep Sharma- Prof. of Commerce

Persons responsible for monitoring each activity& its timely completion

Dr.J.S. Dubey- Prof. of Philosophy