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Milestone (Sub-goal) 4



Activities required to achieve these milestones

S.No. Description Estimated Cost Start Date End Date
1 So far only 05 students have been placed in off campus drive. 1.50 01/04/2018 31/03/2019
2 Efforts will be made to have more students placed in both off and on campus drives. In this direction new software will be introduced, demo classes will be conducted; skill development and personality development training will be organized. We target the placement of at least 20 students. 01/04/2018 31/03/2019
3 H.R.Managers from various companies will be invited to interact with students. MOU’s with industries, Institute Industry Alliance will be done Career fair will be organized regularly. The target will be to place at least 50 Students through these career fairs. 01/04/2019 31/03/2020
4 The students will be sent to the industries and other employment agencies for internship. We target the placement of at least 100 students. 01/04/2020 31/03/2021
5 With the campus drives and Career fair, at least 200 students will be placed. More campus drives, Renewal of MOUs, organizing Career fair and soft skills, for more studentsfor enhancing employability by training. 01/04/2021 31/03/2023
Resources required for the      above activities Resources available for the    above activities Resource Gap
1.50 100%

Persons responsible for conducting each activity

Dr.PromodVerma- Asst. Prof. of Commerce

Dr.ShardaGarg - Asst. Prof. of Sociology

Persons responsible for monitoring each activity& its timely completion

Dr.Prabha Bhatt – Prof. of Economics