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3.3.2 Number of research papers per teachers in the Journals notified on UGC website during the year


1. Compulsive Buying Behaviour, Anxiety and Emotional Adjutment Among Late Adolescents During the Covid-19 Pandamic A Correlation and Gender Study-Click Here

2. The Psychological Depth in the Characters of Ian Mcewan’s Selected Novels-Click Here

3. Multicultural Perspectives in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Major Characterists-Click Here

4. Consumption of Food and Data A Driving Force Behind Economic Growth- Click Here

5. Realigning Monetary and fiscal policies in India an analysis of the deby sustainability of the general government due to monetary-fiscal policy interaction during covid-19 lesson learnt and the post-pandemic- Click Here

6. Tribal Art Scene of Madhya Pradesh- Click Here

7. Bright with Promise, Tangled in the past – The Incredible Art of Tarkashi—- At The Cross Roads- Click Here

8. Reviving The Magnificent Spell of Indian Handicrafts The Distintive and Nostalgic Spirit of the Land- Click Here

9. Postcolonialism and its impact with special refrence to selected nobals of Paul Scott and Rohinton Mistry- Click Here

10. Survival Amid Violence as a Illustrated by Khaled Hosseini – Click Here

11. Education and Hope in Michelle Cohen Corasanti’s The Almond Tree-Click Here

12. Breaking the Hub of Silence in Select Nobels of Shashideshpande and Taslima Nasrin- Click Here

13. Dalit Literature A Cognitive Journey- Click Here

14. A Study on Financial Efficiency Analysis with refrence to MRF Limited – Click Here

15. Financial Efficiency Analysis of J.K. Tyre & Industries Limited – Click Here

16. National Fertilizers Limited ki Karyakushalta ka Adhyayan- Click Here

17. Sarvjanik Company National Fertilizers Limited ke Vyayon ka Adhyayan – Click Here